Welcome to the Global Food Safety Management

GFSM is a group of highly motivated and extensively experienced food safety professionals who have come together with a common mission and vision. We aspire to marry the best in class food safety protocols with the objectives of the organization, in the process driving credibility and value for our clients. We work closely with businesses to help them produce safe food products at every stage as well as liaise with the government authorities to enforce the requirements of various food safety legislations. This web site is our forum to reach out to food safety consultants as well as others with queries & questions on food safety services. It connects those interested in food safety to each other, and to information. The purpose of the GFSM website is to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas to make food safer around the world. We invite people from india bassically from pune,mumbai and kolkata to browse through the contents of this forum as a guest. However, to participate and take advantage of various online tools & online learning database, you will need to register for an account.


GFSM's mission is to assist in procurement, manufacture and delivery of safe food in a safer manner to the consumers in synchrony with the client’s policy mission and policy.


GFSM's vision is to be the preferred team who can be relied upon for confidentiality, appropriate solutions and timely delivery of expertise to all businesses in food supply chains.


  • We provide services towards achieving certifications for : SQF:Safe Quality Food (SQF) is a global food safety standard. Companies build a food safety management system based on the requirements found in the SQF Code.
  • BRC: The British Retail Consortium (or BRC) is one of the leading trade associations in the United Kingdom. They represent all forms of retailers from small, independently owned stores, to big chain stores and department stores.